About Teena-Louise

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus

Hi! I’m Teena-Louise and I own Teena-Louise Apparels. I live and work out of Ballwin, Missouri. I’ve been sewing 20 years (on and off). I have one child. I also have a boy pit bull named Hemingway.

I went to Missouri State University; majoring in Criminology and Sociology. I’ve been hooked on fashion design since I was 7. I also had been hooked on wrestling a lot longer. I’m a very open person and share my struggle and gains with anyone. I want to help people. I have Borderline Personality Disorder along with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Now I take 5 pills a day to be able to live my life happy.

I love being able to help others, as previously mentioned, so I decided to write a blog every week about mental health issues, stigma, support, coping mechanisms that I use.

I, at the current time, am trying new things that I was too afraid to before.

I love muscle cars.

I believe in the #FreeBirdRule.

I got interested in sewing about 1999. I was taking a fashion class we had to make a top and a bottom. I wish I could find it but I used a cotton rainbow plaid. First thing I learned was matching plaids.

I love horror movies.

I love bright colors and smelling perfumes.

I love learning from other cultures and how they perceive wrestling.

I love coffee during the sunrise.

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