McCalls M8008 View C w/ Mods

Note: I lowered the zipper about 1 1/2 inch. I am a 40F and didn’t like the way it looked. tracking down the zipper is important but I have yet to do that as I am still altering.
Pockets prior to sewing

This was a fun project. I am in the middle of creating the shirt that will be going with it. I made several modifications based on fit and self-comfortability. I happened to look at the wrong fabric measurements on the pattern (60 instead of 45 inch fab.) and so I wasn’t sure what to do about the long pockets. So I had ordered same fabric etc but bigger stripes then Kel, Seams Legit, suggested making it out of the same fabric as the shirt that will be going on this. I’ll tell you at first I couldn’t see it because of the stark contrast but I ended up loving it so much that I sent Kel a half of a dozen text messages to tell her so!

As I mentioned in the captions, I lowered the zipper 1 1/2 inches due to my bust being rather large and for comfort. Not going to hinder the the style too much…

I also extended the waistband vertically as I wanted to show that I actually have a waist somewhere. This is also why none of the rainbows are all going the same direction. Breaking up patterns in problem areas really help shape you.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I am! Be sure to message me for estimates for gear or a custom pair of these!

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