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McCalls M7575; View D

‘I’ve been fighting with one arm tied behind my back, but what happens when I’m finally set free?’

-Carol Danvers

I love the Character #CarolDanvers she is everything I wanted to be but you know I really still love myself because I’m a superhero to the ones who matter most.

This pattern offered Perfect Bust Darts and Fish eye darts going down the back and on each side. I slit the sides and sewn it 1/4 in. It really gave it the feel of a tunic but comfort where your midsection won’t show. I love all types of tunics but by far this is my favorite. I do see plenty more of these in different characters…but this one I wanted to make that no one else had.

I used 1/2in rainbow metallic buttons in support of my family and friends who celebrate Pride month from shockingly HobbyLobby.

I had purchased this fabric from Joanns about a month ago. The original croqui design the fabric ended up bleeding incessantly no matter how many color catchers were used. Not to mention I feel like this is so much more! I love how busy and bright it is.

If you’re interested in a custom button down such as this please send business inquiries to

I’m working on a new collection involving inspired pieces from Leilani Kai and Madusa I will forever love these women coming up on the collection and my tributes to them that they’ve inspired. Each piece will share an intimate story about the effect that the individual had on my life. There will be a little bit of everyone in this collection regardless of gender and orientation.

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